In this picture the first vehicle taxi.


In the 50’s taxi service in Catania was carry out by the traditional chariot. They were located in the main squares of the city and at the train stations. Since that age customers were protected by the use of outmoded mechanical taximeter called “ante litteram” to calculate the amount due and guarantee full transparency. In the 1958, because of a municipality decision, chariots started to be substituded by vehicles. To use the taxi, customers needed to reach the mayor areas dedicated to the parking of them, authorized by a municipality. Because of the increase of customers “colonnine” started to be settled in town. They were phones installed in colomns able to receive taxi request by real phone calls from customers who needed the service. 









 Chariot with the fist taxi of Catania.


From the use of the “colonnine” in 1974 a group of taxi drivers decide to establish the first cooperative society the “Socialtaxi Catania”. Since that moment to nowadays a lot of innovation had been adopted. The use of luggage rack has been substituted by the use of station wagon vehicles. Radio system at 144 MHz and after at 400 MHz has been replaced by satellite system “SMART TAXI” Biesse Group Torino. The number of member has been incresed and nowadays the cooperative society is rappresented by the 80% of all catania taxi. The Socialtaxi in 40 years of activity has gained the confidence of authorities, city people and company and nowadays is the first society in this field for number of members and services given in all East Sicily. The Socialtaxi is part of a nation system of statutory auditors “URI Taxi” and “SILT” and collaborates with the most important Italian Radiotaxi which give the chance to pre-pay a taxi in Rome and use it in Catania. 




The Catania Socialtaxi is able to satisfy our customer requests thought the use of sophisticated systems. Our multilingual call center is always operative 24/7. We have 15 analogue telephone lines ISDN and VoIP. Our system sorts the taxi requests automatically using the DIGITAX technology, TDScloud software, which gives the possibility to manage more than 1000 requests p/day. We have our own server where all the datas refering customers and taxi services are well stored thought the use of security system and firewall hardware.